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Umm. o:

2010-08-06 10:26:40 by CinnaBomber

Well, uhh... New to Newgrounds but not... so new.. I've been one for a week or two now and stuff.. o 3o
I immediately submitted some art that I made, but it's not too popular. >w<;
I can't make games or anything, > .> And I may not be able to any time soon...
> w< Hehe.
I want more Medal Gets! xD Getting medals like that is so fun~

Umm. o:


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2010-08-14 19:29:03

u can see?


2010-08-17 11:31:15


CinnaBomber responds:

Hiiiiiiiiii! :3


2011-06-16 08:34:25

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